What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

Great purchase experience with Jim and Kay Love. I would continue doing exactly what you are doing to keep your loyal customers. I was very impressed with everyone at Titus-Will Toyota.
Christopher W.
Great customer service! Dan Kerns is very knowledgeable and accommodating to my needs and unique situation when I purchased my vehicle. His ability to converse with me with a personal touch, not the typical salesman attitude, was a game changer.
Mark R.
Continue to have fine sales personnel such as Mart. I was also impressed with how your employees were not only respectful of me but also of each other.
Barbara S.
Dan Kerns did a great job of explaining everything to me. If this kind of service continues I will continue to be a customer.
Susan D.
Keep Art Sanchez! We live in a different town where there is another Toyota dealer but we chose to come back to work with him. Good Guy!!
Sharon F.
Keep that friendly lady (Faith) at the coffee stand! Her happiness is infectious.
Richard W.
I wouldn't change anything.. Even down to the barista.. Who was very upbeat and friendly... I wanted to offer her a job where I work!
Cindy R
Thank you for a great barista Faith. She is professional, cheerful, upbeat, has a beautiful warm smile, engages well with customers and pleasant to visit with.
Thanks, Susan
David Schmitt, great service and very professional. Did not make me feel stupid regarding wipers being "noisy" - and I appreciate that!!
Great customer service, he is a keeper!
Dear GM Dawn Walston,
I just wanted to express how wonderful my experience at Titus-Will Toyota was and how incredibly helpful Keneith C. was with us. My wife and I always dreaded going to dealerships because of the aggressiveness of some in pressuring one into a sale. From the start Keneith was a smiling and friendly face whom we connected to right away; he was straight forward and genuinely interested in matching us to the vehicle we wanted. I was very impressed how stress free and easy Keneith made the process. First day we were browsing the dealership lot, he came out in the rain to shake my hand and thank me for my service (i was in my uniform) and asked me if there was anything he could do for us. My wife and I were honestly not considering buying any vehicles that day, and told him that we were just browsing and in an hurry. He smiled back, gave me his business card, and said to give him a call if we ever changed our mind. He didn't pressure us inside or shove a test drive on us, he was so genuine that we changed our prior engagement just so we could see him again for a few more minutes. My wife and I ended up test driving a Black Dodge Dakota which was nice but not quite us, we wanted a vehicle we could expand and grow with, whether it was camping or having kids down the line. Keneith matched us to a white Rav4 2010 that was everything we were looking for. My wife and I became so excited that we wanted to make sure we came back the next day so we could make an offer for it. Keneith got us both excited that we were actually having fun doing something we thought we would dread. We ended up financing the Rav4 with the help of Kimberly Dearth from finance,who found us a great loan that brought all our financial worries to ease. She was so friendly and helpful and informative that i felt like we were coming out of this transaction with a firm foundation and a great optimism. Later that day a check engine light came on; which startled me for a second. I called Keneith and he told me to bring the vehicle back right away so servicing could look at it. Keneith went far past all expectation by swiftly scheduling me into their schedule and detailing the car for some minor stains found on the door side pannels. It ended being a bad o2 sensor. When I came back to pick the Rav4 up, he welcomed me with a warm smile and a hug like i was coming back home. He showed me the vehicle and everything that was done and even bought me a car freshener from the parts store and a beautiful pen that i complimented him on the very first day we met. I have nothing but compliments and good things to say about keneith; he is funny and friendly with an aura of just positive energy and understanding. He left an impression on both my wife and myself that we recommend him to all our friends and even our family on the east code. Being far from home and traveling has been hard on both of us, keneith was that friend that we needed. Thank-you Titus-Will Toyota for having such caring individuals on your team.
Alejandro & Gillian
Beyond Satisfied Customers
We love Titus-Will Toyota, Kathleen was awesome!
Terry Wren
Purchased based on buyer research on US News/cars, USAA Car Finder. Dealership professionalism a positive factor.
Larry Steel
Mike Carter was very professional and patient.
Joseph Harrison
Buy all my vehicles from Jim Love. He treats me fair and a great friend! Kay is also "the best".
Don Gustanlson
Amy was awesome- this is our second car we've purchased from her!
Brian Hicks
Do not change anything! You have done it right. The prices are competitive with other places and maybe even slightly less, the facilities are great, the people are friendly, the work is done right every time, communication is great.
I actually look forward to coming down there for service. It's a time to just relax, have some coffee, and decompress from the work-day. I consider it one of my "Happy Places".
Scott Taylor
Family friend found car on Autotrader. Purchased car because I really liked Art Sanchez.
Nicole Showalter
Bobby Peters was very patient and took excellent care of me!
Alexandra James Cole
Husband previous purchaser- Byron was pleasant, friendly and most importantly knowledgeable.
Kat Flores
We appreciate Titus-Will for their tremendous community involvement.
Terri Moore
Friendly Helpful sales (Dan Kerns and Mike Carter)
Chris Maroni
Bought a Celica from Jim Love in 1986! Jim and Kay are great to work with!
Mary Garitone
Just want to comment "AMY" for going over and beyond, thank you Amy!
Jesse and Debra
Been a customer for 20+ years! (family)
Nicole So
We love the service dept. and the coffee bar!
Donovan Schreiner
Great experience! Jim and Kay came highly recommended by family!
Kati Haviland
Great experience! Jim and Kay came highly recommended by family!
Kati Haviland
I would recommend Titus-Will Toyota to anyone!
Jan Lindholm
Whats not to love about the LOVES!?! That's why we are repeat customers!
Dean & Nancy
Amy was fantastic! Friendly and knowledgeable!
Catherine Shedd
Great service! Happy customer :-) Thank you Kathleen!
Mark Anthony Dalan
Eckroth Brother keep bringing us back!
Susan Keller
This was a smooth and painless transaction.
Gail Cunningham
I bought because of my last experience! Thanks Chris, Amy and Mark! :-)
Jeffrey Bassett
Great experience! Kathleen in sales was awesome. Very professional!
Eric Visser
Marti was Great! Management too!
Gerald Debus
I came back to Titus-Will Toyota because I was always treated well. Great customer service. And I was always happy with the service.
Annalissa Cabanas
Noel was a pleasure to deal with, Looking forward to future purchases.
Matthew Anderson
Always professional and easy to work with. This is the 8th new car we have purchased from Titus-Will.
Randy Cook
I like your website. Very well organized.
Elizabeth Cheatham
Great experience- can't say enough good things.
Charles Smith
Came to Titus-Will Toyota because of Eric Shin and Mike Carter.
Chris Fernandez
Sister referred us to Art- he came highly recommended.
Calandra Sechrist
3rd new vehicle purchased from this dealer!
Kristene Oshannon
Art has been very east to work with, as has Mark. They both have made buying the car a pleasant experience.
Jeff Fetters
Great service. Family has been coming here for 30 years and will continue to.
Owen Sehecal
Dan Kerns has been awesome help. I like Titus-Will service department.
Mary Longland
Fred is wonderful! Honest and Fun!
Sarah Pilkey
Richard Sanborn is awesome! :-)
Sommer Valles
This was our first car- buying experience, and it was great!
Phillip Kim
Jim was extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and I believe he gave us honest advice that we really appreciated. Our experience working with him was so much better than with any other salesperson we have worked with, it doesn't even compare.
Amy is personable, attentive, patient and knows when to pull back. It was a pleasure doing business with her.
Eric Shin was our sales rep. He is very knowledgeable about the Toyota platform and add ons to be featured on the vehicles. He is very friendly and professional as well as courteous and a great salesman in general. Always enjoy when the sales reps are spectacular! Great skills and services rendered.
Jim and Kay Love made purchasing my new hybrid Camry super smooth. What a great couple.
Great place to buy a vehicle from, superb customer service.
Everyone is so pleasant. Fred is an awesome sales person.
I love James, Kevin and Mike in service department!
Susan Engen
I have been dealing with Titus-Will for years- would't go to any other dealer!
A good friend referred me here. I received excellent customer service!
I love Dan K and Art they are truly exceptional! :)
Chan Ly
I would like to compliment Art Sanchez (saleman) for making this purchase such a pleasant and positive experience!
Janet Kruzel
Excellent service/ Mike Carter very good sales/service
Michael Feinstein
So nice to have non pressure salesmen!
Cary Sanders
After living in Tacoma for 20+ years and now moved to Burien area I still prefer having my vehicle(s) serviced at Titus-Will! I appreciate emails (with maintenance coupons and savings). Having worked with Dan Kerns for over 15 years, I enjoy working with him, his pleasant demeanor, and top notch professionalism! He is a definite asset to Titus-Will! I've referred many friends for this reason!
Jim Rocks! Don't ever let him retire!
We love Titus-Will we keep coming back. Great customer service
Cindy Gerhardt
Customer service was perfect! Sales associate Amy helped me out a lot!
David Castro
Our family all buy from Eric Shin
Do, Dieu Khanit
Sung was great! Had 2 other dealers working with us. Sung is why we came here.
Michael Gordon
Wonderful sales people. Amy and Marti
Dales & Diane Whitese
Good salesman- was not pushy answered all questions.
Paul Dorris
Websites offers lots of options- relatively easy to navigate.
Elaine Boyle
My father, brother, son and uncle have purchased from Titus-Will.
Michael Kstoltenberg
I appreciate how Titus-Will Toyota makes their car information easily accessible to potential buyers.
Kyle Lee
Eric was very helpful and nice with me and my entire family.
Russell Montonye
Great service/ No runaround.
M. K.
Excellent service, will recommend friends to Titus-Will, and will return when looking for another vehicle!
James Parshall
Always great customer service for 10+ years
Chelsie Boyd
Dan was spectacular!
Ken B
Everyone from sales to service has been wonderful. Eric was very helpful.
Rebecca Underwood
Jim and Kay Love have always been the best!
Liz Thayer
Just feel we got an honest deal and real people.
Rosanne Lee
Art was really helpful and definitely tried his best in getting me the car I wanted.
Been loyal to Toyota since 1991 :-)
Angie Palafox
Love Titus-Will, George has been a great salesman.
Carla Miller
-Courteous salesman and staff
-Tough salesman, skilled at closing without saying too much.
Mannel Williams
Chris and Mike did a great professional job!
Very satisfied with Dan Kerns and everyone at Titus-Will
Alyce Sheffield
My primary purpose for coming to Titus-Will Toyota was your ad campaign via the internet. Continue to update specials/ sales on vehicles and have internet manager such as Dan McCarthy.
Dan Kerns took incredible care of us through the entire process. He was so great to work with and we have already recommended people to him.
Timothy Hoefer
Jim and Kay Love were fantastic in the process of helping me identify the vehicle I wanted to buy. Even better, they made the buying process easy and enjoyable! This was by far the best car buying experience I've ever had! Thanks Jim!
Brett Nasinec
I met with Dan on my first trip and when I returned to purchase met with Rich. Both men I felt were there to help me get what I wanted and stayed within my easy listed budget. I was truly impressed with the professionalism.
Shanna Dupea
Jim and Kay Love covered everything from top to bottom in great detail. They have already contacted me a couple of times to make sure everything is as it should be. I couldn't be happier that I bought my new truck from them. I think it is going to continue to be a wonderful experience.
Chris Morgan
We have purchased at Titus-Will Toyota previously and one of the reasons I purchased my new car is due to the outstanding experience with our sales person Mike.
Sharon Rex
Mike Carter, our salesman listened to our two primary goals in looking for a new Toyota and came up with the best possible choice in finding our 2013 Avalon! After completing our Thorough walk through of the car's features we were using all the electronics out the door! Absolutely top notch!
Russell Caddell
I loved the way they brought the car into the bay and prepared it for me to take home, it was so wonderful and made me feel so special. I have never been treated so well.
Mary Warren
Excellent customer care from Art Sanchez.
Russell Fratello
Eric Shin is very friendly and helpful.
Tung Thanh Huynh
The most amazing 1st car purchase ever. They delivered to my home! WOW
Victoria Walston
I would never have considered buying a Prius until Sam talked me into driving this car. He is a great salesman and I also appreciated working with Eric.
Julie Ladenburg
Kay and Jim Love were wonderful and helpful to work with.
Janis Hill
Words don't describe how happy we are. Thank you :)
Kristen Lombardi
Atila was an outstanding person to my concerns and my needs. He showed me and my family respect from the very beginning to the very end. It was because of his professional ways which he presented himself that I promised him that he would be the one that I will lease the vehicle from. Even after test driving the vehicle at a different dealership I felt that I must return to him because of his mannerism to complete the lease. I was shocked to find someone that I could call a friend that I just met. He deserves to be recognized for his exceptional service. Thank you Atila. For everything and remaining so calm during the entire procedure. Mahalos very respectfully, Mr. Garza.
Andres Garza
Sam! Gotta love him. Our spur of the moment decision to purchase a Toyota Corolla Eco Plus was all because of Sam. When we first arrived at the dealership, Sam made eye contact with my family but waited patiently while we were chatting about the cars. With a no pushy attitude we felt comfortable and when the time was right we went to Sam and the rest is history. Great attitude and knowledge about the cars at Toyota, I honestly felt as if I was dealing with a manager, (actually asked Sam if he was).
James Martin
Titus-Will and Eric Shin exceeds our expectations.
Excellent customer service.
James Gordon
Your quality service department makes the difference!
Elizabeth Smith
Awesome experience, great team effort. Felt respected during the entire experience. Will certainly come again.
Susan Well
Excellent web site.
Lynette Spanglen
Repeat customer of Jim Love. Purchased 2 previous vehicles.
Lynn & Terry Stanton
Old school is good!!! Professional, honest, not pushed into a deal.
Scott Shumate
The people at Titus-Will are very friendly and low-key.
Matthew Warren
Long term Titus-Will customer. Sales and service since 2004
Glen Griffin
Through the internet we determined we would go with either a Fusion, or Camry. Did research on Titus-Will's website. Karl was a great help.
Daniel Gregory
Dan was so helpful. Used USAA and Toyota's website. This was the best way to purchase. Used Titus-Will the last 11 years to service our Highlander. Great service.
Pat Felton
Marti was great! didn't come to purchase today but I DID!
Teresa Marrier
I had an awesome experience with Dan Kerns!
Brandon Chambers
We wont buy anywhere else. Vehicle #7 this time!
Danielle Edmonds
We are long time customers of Titus-Will. Purchased 3 Prius'
Daniel Wasserstrom
Patrick Alldred made a stressful situation into a dream. Thank you
Julie Lindstrom
Art is so nice and reasonable- Thank you
Melanie and Jordan Jones
Marti, Mark, and Dawn were extremely friendly and helpful!
Kelli Asher
Derick Goraya was able to sell us a truck with patience, hard work, and professionalism. Above and beyond expectations and past experiences. Will buy from him again!
We had a great experience and the coffee was great!
Nicole Carroll
Eric Shin was very helpful and worked hard to make everything seamless.
Larry Dunlap
Great internet department!
Margaret Hannigan
Very helpful with me being upside down in my car.
Always a pleasure to deal with Jim and Kay -Our 6th car purchase from Titus-Will.
Tom & Connie Warren
Art was very helpful and patient in finding the right car. Thank You
Sabrina Moxley
Very pleasant experience!
Dana Purdy
Reputation/ Marti and Byron were great! Not pushy and allowed us to go at our speed.
Teresa Ochs
This is the second time to look around here, I left with a car.
Nestor Bingcang
Art is awesome, very friendly and helpful!
Jessica Coffey
Marti was fabulous, as was all Titus Will staff! Thank you!
Christie Dixon Jones
Chris was great- no pressure sales :)
Kelly Bliss
Love Jim and Kay Love!!
Gary Brown
Art was awesome!
Ayadejha Turner
Very kind salesman (Mr. Shin)
Mi Kyoung Koh
Excellent service, now we have the car we want!
Jacqueline Thomas
We have bought all our cars from Titus-Will since 1988
John Stweart
Great experience! Mike and Dan were extremely helpful!!!
Josh Geforos
Lyle G has been a trusted service adviser
Ted Schaffer
Jim and Kay Love provide great service, tremendous communication, and are wonderful people.
John Durkin
We purchased this car because we like Sam!
Ellen Flanagan
Mike Carter is a great salesman!
George Blum
Thank you Mr. Scheitlin for the wonderful customer service!
Tiffany Anderson
Mr. Eric Shin was exceptionally helpful.
Michael Finger
Excellent reputation and service
Thomas Cowan
You came highly recommended by everyone!
Scott Perkina
Art was great- very relaxed and made the process easy. Was referred to Art by employee that works at Titus-Will in Olympia.
Previous Prius purchased at Titus-Will, provided great service. Repeat customer.
James Ramsey
Eric is the best!
Cristal Villalobos
Excellent service, helpful and understanding.
Duncan Jung
Your internet site had the best prices!
Adam Birkholz
Amy was wonderful and very helpful.
James Gordon
Great service, great salesmen. Jim Love
Alex Bacon
Art was very helpful on our decision making on our choice. He was very knowledgeable on the vehicle. We felt very comfortable with him and had an enjoyable experience.
David Auman
All of the employees at Titus-Will were very hospitable. A most enjoyable experience.
Melvin Groves
Mike was a really great guy, Experience was really excellent
Lewis Wise
Eric took the time to teach me how to pair my phone and how to use it. It was the greatest auto purchase I have ever made from start to finish everyone was wonderful. One of the employees even taught me how to use my new iPhone. Everyone I came into contact with was amazing and I have been in customer service for 30 years. Your staff could literally teach customer service to other companies.
Denise Phillips
Chris Foster did an amazing job and found is the exact color and model we wanted. He had it driven from Spokane to have it before we left on vacation. He answered his phone even while not at work, and he even came in on his day off to complete the sale. He is an excellent salesman and I hope to continue to do business with him in the future.
Daniel Matthews
Chris was fantastic all the way around. I felt that he was honest, listened and didn't act like a typical car sales person.
Thomas Alexander
Art and Mark were very customer centered. We had other pressing engagements and they helped to meet our needs. They were flexible about when we could sign and pick up the car. They have a great customer attitude and helped to make the experience easy, friendly, well understood and answered all of our questions.
Velma Bruner
Very stress free and easy-going. Very kind and easy to work with. She made the process quick and personal at the same time. very personable.
Kevin Shultz
It couldn't have gone any smoother!
Maryellen Vansickle
She is very fast to get in touch. I will recommend her. Amy is the best. Super fast to sign all the paperwork and have to enjoy our truck right away. Very clean and friendly staff. Coffee stand and free cookies, a plus.
Ernesto Ayudan
Mike was great- patient, not pushy and very helpful. I would recommend others to work with Mike.
Gail Brandt
Love the customer service.
Misu Hyun
Excellent service from Jim Love!!
Roger Cantrell
I appreciated low pressure attitude from Byron Dosser.
Anthony Millet
Great service thanks!
Duane Rogers
Art and Sam did a great job at meeting my wishes.
Marcus Freeman
Amy is very good!
Bo Long
We are so happy for the service we got today!
Angela Ventura
I have bought from Jim Love at Titus-Will in the past and nothing compares to his and his wife Kay's warm, professional manner! We ended up with the Venza, no pressure, great smooth transition. I do not believe there is any other dealership that could even come close to Jim & Kay or Titus-Will!
Gary Brown
The salesman, Richard Samuels, was very helpful. I spoke with him the night before on the phone regarding the vehicle, and he answered all my questions, then set up a time to meet the next day. He was very patient and informative as we drove the models we were looking at then made a decision. He was also helpful and very patient as we made the deal on the new vehicle and trade in.
John Holte
It came around the corner all washed and shiny new. Love! oh and I had a full tank of gas to get me home. Thank you!
Denise Sutter
Your website was very useful and user friendly.
Michael Desens
Rich Sanborn was incredibly accommodating. He was energetic, personable and willing to go above and beyond to assist me in my purchase. This car was a gift to my mom, for Mother's Day, and Rich creatively suggested ways to surprise my mom and gave me a great deal on the car. He made a conscious effort to reach out and touch bases with me several times prior to my purchase, explaining and weighing my various options.
Christina Nguyen
Helpful and knowledgeable. I was comfortable dealing with Sam. I was impressed through the whole process. At one point I wanted to take another test drive. Sam and the manager welcomed the idea.
Iascc Baca
No pressure sales. I have dealt with people selling things for many years and this was the first time that I can remember walking away not feeling pressured. As far as major life purchases go, this was the easiest (and best) experience I have ever had. Thanks Dan McCarthy.
Michael Stiner
I've purchased 5 new vehicles in the last 20 years and Dan Kerns was the first one who didn't try to fast-talk me or pressure us. This is how buying a new car should be. My wife and I can't say enough good things about dealing with him.
Melvin Brown
When we first came to the dealership, we thought we were interested in a highlander, but after driving it, Byron showed us a 4Runner and it turned out it was the perfect fit for us. He spent a lot of time with us when we picked the 4Runner, helping us get our phone hooked up and showing us how everything worked. We really appreciated that. Byron is in part why we chose to work with Titus-Will.
Bonnie Keller
Fred Mosio took the time to listen to what we needed and took the time to find what we had told him. He made sure we were introduced to everybody that was involved in the process and made sure that we understood each step in the process. At the end of the sale he spent time going over the FJ with us and made sure all questions were answered.
Robert Patterson
Mike Carter was personal, not pushy at all, straight forward and easy to talk to. Felt like i was interacting with a friend. Because I was introduced to Titus-Will as a result of Costco Auto inquiry, there wasn't much negotiating needed. I indicated what my budget was and it was met. Continue being straight forward and honest. Purchasing a new vehicle is a big decision, but i didn't feel pressured to make any decisions that i didn't want to make. Personnel should all continue to be personal and polite, with great customer service.
Ramon Reyes
Chris was very pleasant to deal with. Don't change a thing. This is our 5th car from Titus (all previously from Titus-Will Ford)
Richard Rosser
Mike Carter and Art Sanchez were awesome!
Hire more service people like Dave Schmidt. He places customer's needs 1st without trying to over sell service products.
Enrique Llanas
Dear David,
I wanted to let you know how pleased I was of my service visit to Titus-Will Toyota. You squeezed me in for a vehicle check and I did not have an appointment.
Larry Shank
Derick Goraya is an extremely professional and helpful sales associate. Extremely nice.
Cheryl Vance
Byron Dosser was extremely attentive to our questions and needs. He spent a lot of time with me to help hook up the bluetooth and to install my license plates. He also spent time looking up accessories for my truck.
James Ogden
Marti is amazing. This is the third car we have purchased from her and we will keep coming back. She is courteous, attentive and is willing to go the extra mile to meet her customers needs. Continue treating customers as they would family!
Jamie Redmond
Dan Kerns and Kim made this such a smooth and enjoyable experience. Thank You! I really like the fact that Dan followed up to see how I was enjoying my new car and offered his assistance if needed. I like that he takes pride in his job and his customers.
Dannielle Villanueva
I have been going to your store for many years. Sandy (who no longer works there), knew me when I was pregnant with my son, 16 years ago. Sandy always greeted us with a smile, and knowing us personally, I felt like I was appreciated as a customer.

I have ALWAYS received exceptional service with your store. James, my personal vehicle manager, is AWSOME. I call him “my” James, and am so sad when I know he has other customers. I feel like he is my personal “shopper,” my personal “Car Care Person,” but then reality sinks in, and I realize he works for many customers. Ha Ha.

What I mean by that is, I always feel like James looks out for my vehicles best interest, giving me the absolute best price and care. I trust him. Surely you make money off of me, but I have NEVER felt like I was being oversold or cheated. I believe James takes great care of me as a customer.

The young ladies that work your food / coffee counter, OMG, I have never met friendlier people. Very courteous and attentive.

You have a knack for hiring the right people, that give your customers the feeling that they belong and are cared for.

Oh, and let’s not forget Gordy. Punctual Gordy! Always a great car ride back to work, after I drop my car off. A friendly man, that again, as all your other employees, loves what he does and cares for those he does it for. Thanks Gordy for always getting me back to work and back to my car at the end of the day.

Again, thanks for always looking out for us. Love my Toyota and my Toyota Service Dept.!
Diana Halar
You really did an excellent job handling the Highlander sale, delivery and familiarizing us with its many features. There's not a single instance of a problem that was encountered during the entire multi week process.
We couldn't be happier with the 2014 Highlander. The quality of the product is truly excellent.
Also, Brandon was very quick and efficient in handling the paperwork, usually one of the most difficult and stressful parts of buying a new car.
One final note, the Titus-Will facility is truly awesome! Traveling there from Sammamish was definitely worthwhile.

Dan, I'd recommend you and the Titus-Will dealership to anyone wanting to buy a new vehicle - and will when the opportunity comes up.
Bob & Bev Carpenter
We have been extremely happy with service!
Ron Arnold
Marti was very helpful, patient, and answered all of our concerns.
Saronica Oyardo
Glad to do business with Jim & Kay Love
Daniel Bissonnette
Great service as always, vehicle #7 in the last 12 years from Jim and Kay Love. Painless, great service, and attitudes.
Jeff Lavinder
We found the car that our whole family fell in love with and Derick Goraya helped us enjoy the experience of buying our first car together. I was quite afraid of the process, but Derick was friendly and answered every question, making us feel important. We are confident in our purchase and would wholly recommend Derick at Titus Will to anyone.
Haley/ Brian
Thank you guys for making the experience so easy and memorable! I filled out the survey and said all great things, but only because you guys went above and beyond and completely deserved it. I will recommend you and Titus-Will to every one.
Today I had the most wonderful experience. When I bought the Prius from Titus-Will Toyota in Tacoma they gave me a free oil change. Today i decided to use it. When I drove into the service area, I was immediately greeted by a very welcoming person. I then went to the station where they take the car in and those folks were equally amazing and said it would be 45 mins to an hour. They invited me to go into their waiting lounge. I went into this wonderful area that had a wonderful barista area with several types of coffee drinks available, bottle water and teas. They have two big screen tv's with two different channels. I watched the U Conn women's basketball game. The barista came through a couple times offering to freshen up folks drinks and then the general manager appears asking all waiting if they would like anything else to drink or would they like to go over to the concierge desk and check out a free iPad to use while you are waiting. The seating in the waiting area was very comfortable and spacious. I truly did not have the experience I was waiting at a dealership for my car to be worked on. Needless to say I have never experienced anything quite like this at any other dealership. It reminded me of the saying it just cost pennies more to go first class. Titus-Will is a first class dealership. They demonstrate perfect customer service and truly go the extra mile to have your time there a pleasant experience. I readily would encourage anyone in need fo a Toyota to venture down the I-5 corridor to Titus-Will. You will never regret the experience. Oh by the way I have almost always driven an SUV. i bought the Prius because of trekking back and forth to Olympia so much and the gas. I LOVE my Prius. I typically average 52-55 miles per gallon. You each should try one!
Deb Landis
Mrs. Dickson
Excellent service! Professional! Extemely helpful! Knowledgeable! Friendly! Truck was clean and looked great!
Mrs. Verner
Jim and Kay are a good team and we appreciate working with them. We will not see anyone else! Keep up the good work.
Mr. Herold
Chris Foster was probably the best part of the entire experience. He was funny, relaxed, humble and incredibly attentive to our needs. I think that if it hadn't been for Chris and his great attitude we might not have bought the car on the spot like we did.
Mrs. Benavides
Everyone did well, keep up the good work.
Mr. McCracken
Kim was very welcoming. She made me feel at ease, and clearly explained everything.
Mr. Gilligan
Chris Foster the young man was A's and excellent he knew his stuff. After our purchase he followed up to make sure we did't have any questions or concerns.
Chris Foster was an amazing salesperson, very punctual, very very knowledgable an all around good person. I purchased this truck 2 weeks ago and he is still helping me with accessories I guarantee you I will be back to buy another vehicle.
Mr. Loucks
Jim was so helpful and understanding of our situation
Mr. Sather
I appreciate the work being done in a timely and efficient manner. Thank you very much!
L. K.
Love, Love, Love not only my new car but this dealership is so nice and welcoming. I will never go anywhere else but Titus for sure!
Kayla H.
Good service from Rich Sanborn!
Great Service from Jim Love!
hank you for great service. You guys and ladies at Titus Will Toyota have the greatest customer service around. Please don't let getting "big" or an occasional immpossible to please customer ever change that. I could have went to several different Toyota dealerships and have been to several. But I keep coming there even though it is not locally convenient because you have the best customer service. Thanks.
Just wanted to send a note thanking the service dept for their professional service and quality customer service. Top notch - especially thanks to Kevin and James for their outstanding customer care - attention to detail -Also the lounge is second to none - The baristas and hostess making sure everyone is ok and if they need anything - I have never seen anything quite like this in a dealership. I will definitely bring my future business to you - and pass on your name to my friends. Definitely a class act.
Pastor Ford
I remember sitting in your waiting room thinking I will definitely buy my next Toyota here, as seemingly every detail towards customer service was attended to. It reminded me of how important arranging my classroom to make it as welcoming and serviceable to students was to my teaching efforts. Superb!
Mr. Murphy
I trust your employees to do the right thing and to treat me fairly. Today I referred a new client to your service department and he has his first major tune up with you tomorrow. I referred your place of business because of the wonderful employees you employ, and the trust I have in your establishment. Thanks for giving me a wonderful place to have my car serviced.
Mrs. Halar
Jim and Kay Love
It has truly been a pleasure working with you and Kay. I has been the easiest, quickest and best car buying experience I've had. I will happily refer my friends and family to you both.
Mrs. Solis
Nolan Benge and Kim Dearth
Both of you were easy to work with, enjoyable, and efficient to deal with. Thank you for all your help!
Mrs. Osman
Love coming to service. Everyone is always nice and respectul! It is always a good experience.
Dawn Walston
I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation to you as the Manager for the treatment I received as a first time customer of Titus-Will.
It was a good experience; I felt no pressure to purchase. I was treated with respect and courtesy by my salesman Dan Mc Carthy as well as other staff members with whom I had contact with during the day. It meant a lot. Thanks Sincerely!
James Molin
Mike Carter
Mike Carter provided an excellent costumer experience that will last forever with us. We will recommed both Mike and Titus Will Toyota as the person and place to buy a new car. Mike exemplifies the definiton of customer service. It's easy to see that Mike is in Customer Business. Thanks!
Mr. Lisicich
Thank you very much for building such an exemplary car sales and service company in Tacoma!
Mr. Bloom
Nolan Benge and Kevin McNiven
I purchased my vehicle from Titus-Will Toyota and will continue to service it there. Thank you for being reputable team with integrity.
Mr. Lovrovich
As always your staff was fast friendly and efficient.
Dear Sir:

Today I had my Prius serviced at your dealership. Though I live in Olympia, I prefer to use your dealership for service for a variety of reasons: 1) Our buying experience with Lyle Cundy was one of the best we have ever had with any salesperson; 2) Your service hours are very accommodating, compared to those of Toyota of Olympia; 3) Your service staff is very effecient and personable; and 4) Your facilities are relaxing and pleasant.

There are two specific observations I would like to share with you based on today's visit. That young lady you have working at your coffee bar has such a delightful personality and is so eager to please your customers that she derserves a special thank you. She is the kind of employee whose cheerful and positive demeanor is to a admired. A rare gem!

The individual who in-processed me today, whose name is James Dean, though I'm not certain of that, was most helpful. I presented him with a discount certificate from Toyota of Olympia, wondering if it would be honored by your dealership. He carefully looked it over and agreed to accept it.

I just thought you might want to know why I will continue to visit Titus-Will and will likely buy our next car from you. Keep up your excellent service!
Raymond Tiffany
My wife and I bought and automobile from your dealership and picked it up one week ago. Our salesmanwas Dan Kern. I want to tell you that you should be very proud and fortunate to have this man at your dealership. I am 72 years old and have bought many vehilces over that span and can honestly say I've NEVER had a more pleasant experience in vehilce purchase. Dan is a very personable, friendly, patient salesman and we never felt pressured or uncomfortable in our dealings. We enjoyed our experinece with Dan and I hope your other salesmen/personnel can obtain his high standards. Our dealings were very pleasant and enjoyable. We will recommend Titus-Will and Dan specifically to our friends and family. Again, Dan is a true asset to your dealership, Dr. Karl and Mrs. Dale Pizzolatto.
Karl Pizzolatto
Liked the curtious staff, and a nice waiting area open to the showroom with Ipads available to check out. Very Nice!
Jeremy Turnley
Aspects like the most: It was quick and simple and hassle free.
Yuri Lee
Most liked my coffee! I also enjoyed looking for another potential vehicle. The people out front were very helpful in answering my questions. The waiting area is very nice. The service appeared to be well done.
Carol Miller
The professionalism of every staff member and the comfort and amenitites of the waiting area.
Nan Peele
Great service, loved shuttle service.
Bonnie Steele
Most liked the convenience, friendliness and availability.
Would recommend, the comfort of the waiting area and amenities are the best I have ever seen!
Clarence Cooper
The agent, Mr. Sung Hong was very helpful during the time my wife and I were at the dealership. I really like their flexibility to address my concerns.
Mario Navora
Loved how quick and easy it was to get the oil change done.
Shawn Breitzman
Love the friendliness of the staff and efficiency in service.
Patricia Sierra
I recently move to Tacoma from the Detroit area and have high expectations for car dealershpis. I have always been pleased with the service and high standards at Titus Will. I have recommended the dealership to everyone I know out here and shared my experiences with friends and family from home.
There was no high pressure salesman and Sung was great to work with!
Steven Pearce
The professionalism of all of everyone there as well as the time they took to give me all the information I wanted and make sure I understood it.
Stephanie Pederson
I recently retired from 35 years in the electrical wholesale industry. The last 5 years, I was the supervisor of customer service for the Seattle branch of an employee-owned, worldwide distributor with 240 branches in the US. I share this background with you to emphasize that I appreciate excellent customer service. Our overall experience with Titus-Will beginning with the purchase of our '09 Prius in 2008 through our most recent visit for the 30K mile service has been outstanding. Jim & Kay Love are without peers as a sales team committed to customer service. Your facility make waiting for a vehicle while it is being serviced is extremely customer-friendly & comfortable. Finally, the service adviser who took care of me yesterday was very courteous, professional and made sure that my vehicle was ready per my requested schedule. Also, Gordy, the courtesy van driver, met the same standards. He was very punctual for my return trip to the service department and personable to visit with.
You have a great team and we will continue to be Titus-Will advocates! I want to single out Kevin and Gordy; they deserve kudos in their employment files for the kind and capable way they treated me. I am grateful, esp. as a recent widow and quite a novice in dealing with automotive issues. I am willing to pay a little more than at my neighborhood service facility because I am confident I could ask for help and be dealt with honestly. And your amenities are a treat, too! Thanks to all.
Dave Nyman
Who would ever think it would actually be enjoyable to sit and wait for your car to get an oil change?! It is at Titus-Will Toyota! Everything is run so efficiently, like clock work, and the staff are always professional but equally friendly. Cookies...coffee machine...water...I wonder if I could move in!
Andie Gernon
Facility: Modern, spacious, and comfortable. HDTVs in the lounge with free premium coffee.

Service: Called for a car they did not have, and they kindly sent an employee to fetch it. Very friendly and informative. Did not feel pressured about anything. I was given plenty of time to consider and make decisions.

End-result: Left happy in my brand new car! Dealer greeted me off with a small gift as a "thank you".

Completely impressed with Titus-Will Toyota, everyone involved in the purchase process was impeccable, they took excellent care of me and made everything easier then I could have ever imagined it being, cannot praise this company enough. THANK YOU TITUS WILL I LOVE YOU!!!!

Excellent service. They always go the extra mile and check out the car outside of the service you are requesting, love the car wash too
Great service department! Titus-Will Toyota service has done an outstanding job managing my service for the past 2 years. I have a personal account manager, Kevin, who always greets me and explains everything upfront for my visit. Even if I go in for a quick oil change, Kevin will track me down and say hello, just to ensure I am being taken care of properly. Thier lounge (no longer a waiting area) is full of great complimentary amenities (coffee, snacks, treats, and balloons for the kids) and very accomadating for getting some work done over wi-fi or just sitting and relaxing. I would recommend this service department to anyone.
Excellent service. They were very helpful over the phone and even more helpful at the dealership. A very trusting and honest service. I could not have been any happier. This is truly one of the best customer service experiences for me. They were very helpful in my price for the service and very fair. I am definitely making this auto service my first choice. Thank you Titus Toyota of Tacoma.
They have a beautiful new service department and they've made dropping the car off for service while you wait very pleasant in the new, large waiting area with wifi, barista with free coffee drinks and TV. Very friendly staff, too.
Service is always prompt and their customer service is amazing. Everytime I go there I'm treated like an individual, not just a number. With every service I am given options to choose from. I've tried going to other places for a vehicle and services needed and no one has been able to even match up to the service Titus Will Toyota provides. Thank you for everything you do!