Toyota Safety Technology

Toyota vehicles are renowned as being some of the safest vehicles on the market. This is because Toyota focusses on both active and passive safety features in all of its vehicles. By doing so, Toyota can help drivers prepare for and recover from the worst.

Active safety is composed of technologies that help prevent potential accidents. The engineers at Toyota are fantastic at developing systems that do just that. Dynamic Radar Cruise Control not only helps drivers maintain a constant pace, but a constant distance from the car ahead as well. When sharp turns must be made, Vehicle Stability Control helps your vehicle maintain a safe path forward.

In the event that an accident does occur, that is when Toyota's passive safety systems go to work. Whiplash injury lessening seats decrease the damage a sudden stop can have. Meanwhile, the vehicle body itself is designed to absorb more energy in certain areas to protect passengers inside.

Be it active or passive, safety is always at the top of Toyota's impressive list of vehicle attributes.