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If you’ve ever dealt with tires that are worn smooth on one edge, then you know the importance of keeping your wheels properly aligned. In our service center at Titus-Will Toyota, we want to help you avoid having to replace otherwise good tires due to misalignment. We offer expert front-end alignment service by experienced technicians who use the latest wheel alignment technology. Whether you hit that huge pothole on the way to work and want to have the alignment on your vehicle checked or you’ve noticed your car pulling to one side while driving straight, come see the pros at Titus-Will Toyota for a front-end alignment.

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Why is Front-End Alignment Important for Your Vehicle?

Each wheel on your ride is engineered to be in precise alignment with the other wheels and the rest of the vehicle. If your wheels get knocked out of alignment, your safety and the lifespan of your tires could be at risk. When misaligned tires continue to be driven on, the tires can wear unevenly and be at greater risk of a blowout. What’s more, misaligned wheels often hinder the handling of your vehicle which could result in unpredictable response when reacting to a surprise in the road. Keeping your wheels properly aligned is a matter of safety and budget, so don’t roll the dice with wheels that have fallen out of their precise alignment.

How Often Should You Have the Alignment of Your Vehicle’s Wheels Checked?

If you notice your vehicle pulling to one direction while driving straight, or if you notice the tread on your tires wearing unevenly, bring your ride in for a front-end alignment right away. Since wheels can be out of alignment without presenting these symptoms, we suggest having the alignment checked once a year or so. Find out more by speaking with one of our knowledgeable service advisors at Titus-Will Toyota.

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Let us know when it would be convenient to bring your Toyota in for maintenance, service, or repair by filling out our online service appointment form, and we’ll be sure to have everything ready when you get here. Of course, you never need an appointment to stop by our convenient location at 3506 S Sprague Ave, Tacoma, WA 98409. We look forward to serving you at Titus-Will Toyota.

Why Bring Your Vehicle to Titus-Will Toyota for Service, Maintenance, & Repair in Tacoma, WA?

Toyota engineering is unlike anything else on the automotive market, and it only makes sense to trust those who know your Toyota best for any maintenance, service, or repair it may need. That’s exactly who you’ll find in our service department at Titus-Will Toyota where highly-skilled technicians have been extensively trained by Toyota to know every aspect of your ride. We’ll only use OEM Toyota parts and components along with genuine accessories and those that have been approved by the factory. Since these are the same parts and components that are available in our well-stocked parts department, you won’t have to wait any longer than necessary for your Toyota service to be completed. Be sure to check back often for updated service special offers that help you save on common Toyota maintenance and service. Find out more in our Toyota service frequently-asked questions, and come discover a dealership that offers more at Titus-Will Toyota. We proudly serve Gig Harbor and Auburn, WA, and we look forward to meeting you.

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